Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Even though there isn't a lot that can be done outside this time of year with the snow on the ground, there are still maintenance tasks and things to check to save money on heat.


1)  ________ Gutters clean, this will help prevent an ice dam that can put water in
                      your home. If this is a routine problem you may want to invest in some
                      heated cables to keep ice melted. 
                       Excellent information here: article from This Old House, 

2)  ________ Weather stripping and calk on doors and windows reviewed and replaced if needed

3)  ________  Winter equipment and tools ready for use. Shovels, snow blower, windshield scrapers, ice melt

4)  ________  Check your emergency supplies, and replace if needed. Canned food, water, batteries, blankets, first
                        aid kit, crank radio, charge bank for smart phone.

5)  ________ Check the rug in your entry, switch to a larger rug if needed for muddy or wet boots. Place a basket in 
                       entry for gloves, hats etc.

6)  ________  Check your batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors once a month in the winter. You 
                       spend more time inside with less ventilation. 

7)  ________  Clean and check your humidifier, winter air is dry. Humidity level in your home should not be lower
                        than 40%. Lower than 40% can cause breathing issues, sinus infections and a lot of static.

8)  ________  Can't wait for the cold nights for a fire? Please do wait until you have the chimney cleaned and

9)  ________  Disconnect all water hoses, they can freeze and break inside the wall and leak into the house.

10) ________ Insulate any pipes that are close to the foundation or outside wall, especially in a big old house. 

11) ________ If your house is drafty, check the outlets and light switches. If a draft is felt there are insulation foam
                       pieces made to place behind these to stop the air flow.. 

12) ________ Contact a Heating and Air company and schedule them in to service your furnace or boiler.

13) ________  Check your attic and install more insulation if needed.

14) ________ If you have a flat roof, clean all leaves, branches off. 

15) ________ Remove and store all window air conditioner units.


We hope this list is helpful. Winter in Iowa can be brutal. Stay safe and warm this year. 

Georgia Weaver
Weaver Realtors
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