POCKET LISTINGS!!!! More properties listed with an accepted offer! These properties were not made available to the general public prior to accepting an offer. Makes me VERY concerned that these sellers don't understand they are probably accepting less money since the home is not available to ALL BUYERS. (SUPPLY and DEMAND). Research shows for every $100,000 in value the seller misses out on around $15,000.


If the company you are thinking of listing with shows and encourages you to negotiate on an offer before it is on the MLS, it is called a pocket listing and it is not only hurting your chance to get top dollar but it is also hurting local property values.
There are class action lawsuits in other states to get this practice stopped.
Even the government has taken action, unfortunately until there is a class action lawsuit that makes National headlines many brokerages will continue this practice, and continue to hurt their clients.
Weaver Realtors stands against this practice!