Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


Spring is such a wonderful time, birds singing, snow melting, the promise of new life! I just love this time of year. 

When you own a home, there are always things to do, this is especially true for the Spring.

1)  ________ Review the list of things you wrote up over the winter that you wanted to get

2)  ________ Check the house for any damage that may have happened over the winter.
                      driveway, down spouts, roof, patio, and garage.

3) _________ Clean all debris from the roof, gutters, yard that accumulated over the winter.

4) _________ Reseal anything that needs it like exterior calk, put on screens if you took
                       them off in the Fall.

5) _________  Check paint on the house, garage and trim, repair any that is peeling
                        or chipped. 

6)  ________  Check screen doors and windows are clean and in good repair.

7)  ________  Clean any garden or flower bed debris

8)  ________  Clean and check all irrigation systems. Adjust heads or replace if needed. 

9)  ________  Clean all gutters and down spouts

10)  _______ Wash your windows

11)  _______  Check siding for any damage and repair.

12)  _______  Schedule an HVAC company to service clean and check your air conditioner.

13)  _______  Check your deck and porch for any damage, peeling paint, loose railing etc. 

14)  _______ Service your yard and lawn equipment and tools, mower, trimmer, shovel,
                      garden tools, pruners.