Just a few words of thanks, WE THANK YOU for choosing us, we know you have a choice and we promise to provide you with the best local professional real estate services in the Storm Lake area. We care about how we do business, we are stewards of this company. We care about how our clients and customers are served, we care that ALL our clients and customers are happy and satisfied with the level of service we provide.

"A steward is one who manages the possessions of another. We are all stewards of the resources, abilities and opportunities that God has entrusted to us. God owns everything, we are simply managers and administrators acting on his behalf."

- Georgia Weaver 

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Georgia is very knowledgeable and helpful. She made every step of the process smooth and easy. Our first listing wasn't even on the market for 5 days and it was sold!  Brandon and Nicole Axdahl 2017

Brandon and Nicole, you guys are amazing, you do so many things I am in awe of how you get it done.  I love working with other entrepreneurs very inspiring!

When we first met Georgia we loved her. She knows her job and makes you feel special. There is nothing that could be improved in the way you do business, you are great. If you need a realtor, call Georgia she will go the extra mile for you! Very Professional. Lisa Steemke and Linda Wallace 2017

Lisa and Linda, what a joy working with you, it took a while but so worth the wait! You have the perfect house. Relax and enjoy - you both deserve it!

Our transaction closed on time, Georgia is a great resource and professional, our property was listed with 2 other Realtors but didn't sell. She did a great job, communicated very timely and very glad we worked with her to finally get the home sold. Hesselman 2017

Becky and Steve, so glad I could help out a fellow real estate professional and friend. Lovely home, just took some special marketing.

We bought our current property through Georgia at Weaver Realtors, and we were impressed with her professionalism. Therefore, we chose her to sell our home. Georgia has helped us both buy and sell a property recently. She is friendly and professional. She made the buying and selling process easy and painless. Highly recommend Georgia and Weaver Realtors. Josh Fischer and Monica Firme 2017

Josh and Monica, so great to work with you again!  Your home sold so fast, it was great, but it was also because you put the work into making it beautiful and ready to sell. Thank you!

I had heard how good you were. You did a great job can't improve at all. You were so nice to me and did a great job, and I made a new friend. Elayne Boyd 2017 Sold 

Elayne, loved working with you, you are a sweet dear friend, wish you were closer so we could share some Lemmoncello cake at Giovanni's again. But, very glad you are closer to your daughter.


Thank you One and All!