Great Before and After photos show what a little time and elbow grease can do. One thing I see a lot while looking at  or showing homes for sale in the Storm Lake IA and surrounding area is simple fixes that sellers are missing. These simple fixes make all the difference in a showing and presentation. The laundry rooms below are the same room. One is just a blah typical laundry, like most of us have. The second one is an organized, tastefully decorated and painted laundry that someone wouldn't mind being in to do laundry.      

When selling a property it is a good idea to super clean, if you can't do it or you hate to clean, HIRE IT DONE. It is critical your property is clean, de-cluttered and well maintained looking.  It is a great idea to have a pre-listing property inspection, that way there are no unpleasant surprises once the home has an accepted offer. It is also great to have a Realtor look at your property at least 60 days before you plan to put it on the market. A good realtor can  point out things like the laundry below, unflattering paint colors, half dead trees (landscaping concerns), additions or subtractions that can not only sell your property sooner but for more money. 


Blah laundry room, not organized             After Laundry Room - so much better!

After              After

Paint, shelf, small cabinet, some wall decorations. Maybe $100 in materials and 2 hours of work. YOU CAN DO IT! Which one would you rather buy? Call me  and schedule a time to walk through your property. I can do a valuation (called a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA), give you insight into what could cause problems with a USDA or a FHA loan (the majority of loans in our area are of these 2 types), and help you tweak your property room by room to bring top dollar.



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