Home Inspectors What You Need to Know 

Good information on home inspections, always look for a certified inspector, there are a number of certifications and in Iowa BUT no license or certification is required to be a home inspector. 

Certification is usually ASHI Certified Inspectors (ACI) ASHI Certified Inspectors (ACI) -- Have reached the highest level of ASHI Membership. Passed the National Home Inspector Examination. Completed the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Education Module. There are other Certification programs - DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

ALWAYS ask if they carry E and O Insurance (Errors and Omissions) yes, they like everyone else, sometimes make mistakes. 

You can also use a General Contractor to do a property inspection, again, do your homework. I am an Iowa Certified General Contractor, and as a General Contractor myself, I don't do my own electrical or heating and cooling. I rely on licensed electricians and plumbers to handle that work on my projects. So talk to your inspector/general contractor, know what they check, what they cost, what kind of report you will receive and how (prefer digital over paper). One of the MOST important things you can do is to be present for the inspection, or at least the last hour of the inspection. No it isn't your agent's responsibility, it is your purchase, you need to understand what the inspector is putting on the report and decide if those items are of big concern to you.

Home Inspectors

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