Experian Credit Reporting organization now fined for what the other 2 major credit reporters were fined for in January. All 3 top credit reporting organizations have now been fined for misleading the consumer by telling them the credit score they are selling the consumer is the same one they provide to banks etc for financing decisions. The fine a measly 3 Million dollars, both Transunion and Equifax have also been fined for the same fraudulent practice. 

If you purchased your credit score from one or all of these companies over the last few years, I would contact them and insist they refund the fee/s. 

This potentially effects more than the consumer who paid for the inaccurate report. Landlords many times rely on these scores to determine a prospective tenant's eligibility to rent, many landlords request an applicant provide a copy of their own credit report and score that is less than 30 days old.